‘S’ stands for September, the month of self-improvement

Many people, if asked, would quote January as the ultimate month of self-improvement with the well-trodden paths of the New Years’ Resolutions following the over-indulgences of Christmas. Here at AF International, we are challenging this belief and believe that summertime, with endless blue skies, barbecues, picnics, cocktails, and that is assuming a staycation!

Our message is do not be glum, or sit and ruminate. Jump on board with AF for some instant self-improvement.

5 tips to find the best version of yourself

Since I am still young, I feel like September is the first month of the year (even 12 years after being out of school)! There is something about new beginnings in this month, do you feel it too? Perhaps it’s the end of one season and the start of a new one.

At the end of the summer, I like to reflect on all I have accomplished and identify which goals I still need to work toward to be a better version of myself.

After having a lovely summer holiday, I feel renewed and ready to rock!

Hold onto that summer happiness and discover how can you make September the personal Self- improvement month. I plan to share with you my plans for my “new year”, and hope you find some inspiration to plan to create the best version of yourself too.

1: Change the ‘Monday Blues’

I’ve decided that I am not complaining about Monday any longer and I urge you to do the same! Use an old AF tub and pay a penalty for every grumble that is uttered. Urge your colleagues to join in! We can all be very grumpy on Mondays, still feeling the weekend vibes and want to make them last, and this can make you feel a little unhappy throughout the day. From September it’s going to change. I’ll start to see Mondays as a day for new beginnings, fresh ideas, and activities. And with all that energy of an amazing weekend with friends and family, or just me and my dog, I’ll find the strength to perform my daily tasks with joy and enthusiasm! Join me on this journey!

2: Be ready for the flu season

Autumn used to catch me out on this every year. As temperatures reduce and I resist changing to warmer clothes, suddenly I find myself sneezing and full of body aches. I am determined that this year is going to be different. How? I am making a positive choice to eat more vegetables and fruits thereby boosting my immunity levels. I will also make a positive effort to be super careful with touch points and will sanitize my hands and surfaces more often, especially my mobile phone.

3: Make the routine good

I get bored very easily, so for me doing the same task day after day, week after week is torturous. I realise that it is in my hands to effect a change, therefore I am committing myself to a change. It may not be easy, but I simply do not care. I will do my absolute best to not to become bored with any routine tasks, an unfortunate inevitability of life! The secret lies within undertaking spontaneous tasks such as visiting a family member in the middle of the week, inviting a friend for dinner, or walking my dog in a different park. My thoughts will be focused on beginning or ending the day with something productive, health-oriented or an activity that brings me joy. And eventually, I will find a recent activity or develop a skill that I have always wanted to try!

4: Set goals

To become the best version of yourself, you must have an idea of the person that you wish to become. Therefore, setting measurable and timely goals is a way to start the self-improvement journey. I will start doing it by keeping updating a diary app and adding some notes and reflections throughout my progress; (tip: choose an app that can be used on a laptop, phone and tablet, which extends your ability to use them across all your devices).

5: Money matters

Finance issues are unfortunately high on the agenda currently and we must all come to terms with increasing prices and the rise of inflation. Financial health can trigger emotional and mental stress, so it is important to incorporate personal finances into the self-care routine. On a practical level, this means organizing the bills, creating a spending plan, making better choices when buying and properly investing disposable income and savings. By utilizing your mobile for organization, you can simply access thousands of resources meant to reduce money-related stress and anxiety from anywhere, and in seconds.

Everyone’s self-care organization and process are different based on lifestyle and personal preferences, but providing you are incorporating the elements for self-improvement into a schedule, you are leading yourself to a happier and more well-rounded version of yourself.

Have a gorgeous September; focus on self-improvement and remember you can count on AF for the best advice, supply, and support.

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