AF talks eco with Brand Manager Margaux Lefaucheux

Margaux Lefaucheux, AF Brand Manager, is an enthusiast of the brand. Margaux has been a part of the AF family for nine years, she has been creating bonds with customers and partners, becoming more and more passionate about the products and brand culture. Her eyes shine when she talks about her dog Cooper, but if you ask her something about AF, you will have an enlightening conversation reflecting her passion and enthusiasm.

During a lovely afternoon with tea and homemade biscuits, we get in conversation with Margaux about AF eco-sustainability concerns:

Looking into the AF product range and online channels, we notice this brand is very concerned about the environment. How important is it for you to work for a brand with an eco-conscience?

It is very important for me to work with a brand and a company with eco concerns because it’s also one of my own values. In the nine years I’ve been here, AF always demonstrated an eco-effort, not only taking big steps but also on little daily basis details. I can testify that AF eco journey began the day AF was born! These eco fundamentals are visible on products, but also in our factory and production. For me, “green behaviour” is fundamental, taking care of the planet is everyone’s duty, furthermore, companies, as big carbon foot leavers have an even bigger responsibility. AF’s eco concerns also mean working with a “clear conscience”!

Going more specifically when looking into your cleaning solutions, what can customers exactly expect from this “Clean Green” brand?

On our Eco-aware page are a range of AF green products, we have a variety of eco-conscious cleaning solutions, namely the refills for tubs. Also, the in-house Technical Support Team regularly review our cleaning concentrates and the chemicals used therein looking for greener solutions. Beyond the finished products, we are a zero waste to landfill accredited company and are a member of Valpak – active members of the Plastics Pact committed to reducing plastics, and ISO 14001 accredited.

In your opinion, how does it impact the whole market?

Our wider goal is to cause less impact on the environment and as it’s a global concern we are fulfilling customers’ needs. So, in my view, as many brands and companies jump into green solutions the tendency will be to “normalize” green and eco-friendly products. This is a win-win as consumers won’t need to chase for a specific “green” range when buying.

In the beginning, you mentioned the smaller eco-changes. What do you mean by living and operating with an eco-consciousness is in the little things?

AF eco-journey goes beyond our products, it touches the personal green choices reflected in daily routine, namely in the workspace. Practically speaking, on our site, we have several initiatives to help our staff do their bit including reminders to not waste paper, the site is equipped with charging points for electric cars, and the fresh milk provided comes in glass bottles which we clean and return to be refilled. Did you see our eco-story? It’s surprising all the environmental efforts we all make without even realising.

We can see that you are also an Eco-warrior, how do you practice this in your daily personal life.

Yes definitely! We should treat our home well, our planet! That’s why in the past years I have made some adjustments in my life as I am buying pasta and rice in bulk, using washable face cloths to remove make-up instead of cotton buds, choosing refill products and buy unwrapped vegetables, to give you some examples.

What’s your favourite eco-product?

Personally, the Isoclene – the tub with isopropanol surface wipes – is very useful to degrease surfaces so amazing for my DIY projects. They’re made from recyclable paper too!

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