Back to school 2022: AF gives you a great start!

It’s that time of the year when schools, teachers and parents are planning for the coming months that will eventually form the school year. While children are on holiday it is time to list what to buy, look at which items can be carried over from the previous year and try to keep to the annual moto of “This year will be different, I’ll have everything prepared on time.”

We know how busy and stressful this season can be. So, to help you stay organised and make your preparations run as smoothly as possible, we invited our very own Guru, Professor AF, to share his knowledge on Back to School preparation with parents, teachers and all of you involved in the education sector.

Hello, new students! Today’s class is about Back to School Success, so sharpen your pencil and open your notebook (or just your tablet). You’ve got this!

Lesson 1:

Before you start planning what to buy, go through all the materials remaining from last year. Question yourself: “Will it be useful?”, “Will I/they need this?”, “Can I possibly re-use this instead of getting rid of it?”, (for example it may be broken, or perhaps just needs a clean!)

Analyse the learning space. Remember last year’s lessons and what you were always saying you will be doing differently next year, so now it’s the time to change patterns. For example, start with small things such as having the materials organised and in stock, ensuring all the equipment is working, make the space practical and effective to have it tidy and refreshed.

AF suggestion: Isoclene – Isopropanol Cleaning Wipes have excellent degreasing properties and are a good solution to clean multiple surfaces such as keyboards, calculators and plastic surfaces. It is never a good idea to start with a dirty or cluttered workspace. 

Lesson 2:

Now that you have already analysed what’s truly important to succeed next school year, let’s add in lists, colours and planners (you can find nice templates online or if you like to go traditional you can draw and decorate your own with the kids). Keep following up on this plan all year, making sure you don’t miss anything and won’t be spending more than you are supposed to.

Lesson 3:

Make your money work hard for you. When choosing a new product, think about quality rather than beauty and social media trends. Some school materials are appealing to children but sometimes don’t have very good wallet appeal; like having a pretty packaging, but poor quality – no zip for instance allowing the coins to frequently fall out of the purse.

So choose wisely, choose quality, and make your money go further. If the look is really important, what about customising materials making them unique?!

DIY tip: To customize school materials Label Clene is a very good ally to remove paper labels from wood, metal glass and most plastics (always test surfaces first).

Lesson 4:

Go Eco Friendly whenever possible. Avoid plastic, if you don’t have a choice avoid single-use plastic, choose recyclable materials and re-use the container instead of buying new. Every moment is opportune to educate your children/students about environmental concerns and take a ‘greener’ approach.

Did you know? By choosing AF products, you are cleaning with a greener conscience, check our eco-story so far!

Lesson 5:

The Education System is becoming increasingly digital, and this involves serious investment in tech. If you have already made that purchase, commit to serious maintenance routine with safe products. Remember, always choose specialised products to give good maintenance to your tech, look for products that get the job done effectively without wasting your precious time and make your money valuable.

AF suggestion: PC Clene – Anti-static cleaning wipes for PC surfaces. A general-purpose resealable tub of recyclable impregnated, anti-static cleaning wipes that can be used on all glass and plastic surfaces of pc and equipment such as keyboards, pc-mouse, speakers, printers, etc.

You can count on AF for the best advice, supply and support. AF has the right products for keeping classrooms and educational environments cleaned and preserved. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us about the AF product range to make the next academic year a success!

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