How To Make Spring Cleaning Your Desk Fun!

We understand that spring-cleaning may seem like a chore, but not this year.  We’re here to give you some inspiration with our five motivational tips to make your spring-cleaning regime fun, in time for the spring-cleaning season!

Tip 1 – The ‘Mozart Effect’  

Research shows that listening to classical music can enhance brain activity and can help people perform more productively. This can be expressed through day to day working life, (as I type this blog listening to classical pop) but also with cleaning. If classical isn’t quite your vibe pop in your music pods and play your favourite tracks as we walk you through the next five tips.  

Tip 2 – Dirt to make you squirm 

There is nothing quite like seeing the dirt acquired in your working area to encourage a deeper clean. Firstly, take an AF Anti-bac+ sanitising wipe to access just how much dirt gathers on the wipe from your desk surface. You guessed it, that wipe is filthy! The dirt looks dark which is a combination of dirt, grease and probably food remnants so you can only imagine what’s to come.  

Tip 3 –Sprayduster satisfaction   

Do you find yourself tuned into cleaning satisfaction videos? We must agree that we also have this guilty pleasure. One practice that we particularly enjoy is placing a piece of white paper under the keyboard whilst we spray in between the keys with a Sprayduster. This effect means you can literally watch the dirt fly out onto the paper and we’re sure that you will be surprised by what you see.  

Tip 4 – Hybrid worker  

The thing with desk cleaning is that the office is now in all shapes and sizes. If you are a traditional hybrid worker, you might find that the flexibility means you forget to clean as often as a traditional office-based worker. We call the at-home cleaning routine the ‘hybrid habit’, which simply means every time you close your laptop for the day you wipe and go too. Keep a refillable tub of Screen and PC Clene wipes on your work from home set up and you will always have just the things you need to end your day with clean PC equipment.   

Tip 5 – Make it a challenge  

We’ve all heard of the saying “a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone”. So, who in the office has the dirtiest desk space? Gather your team of participants and speed clean your desk, phone, keyboard and monitor and see who has the dirtiest selection of wipes. You’ll need Phone-Clene to clean make up from the handset and dirt from the keys, your Anti-bac+ wipes for the desk surface and some anti-static Screen-Clene wipes for the monitor to capture the layer of dust that is more than likely there for many. Take it from us, once this is done the desks in your office will be gleaming.

We’re firm believers that cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore and with the right motivation, music post cleaning satisfaction you will have your spring-cleaning routine accomplished in no time.   To discover how to promote the sales of your AF spring cleaning essentials download our spring-cleaning guide.

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