Screen cleaning tips to change your life

Are you guilty of being a sleeve screen cleaner?

Ok, so we may have made up this term but still, you know what we’re getting at. You know the people that see a smudge on their phone screens and by giving their phone a quick swish on their sleeve they think the phone screen is clean. Well, this is certainly not the case….

Over the years AF have been asked a variety of screen cleaning questions and what the best practice is, so for this month’s blog we have gone back through the archive to dig out our top 4 questions to share with you.  Read on to discover more.

Why do I need a special cleaner for my phone?

Using an incorrect cleaning method could cause serious damage to your screen. For example, using a rubbing alcohol can strip coatings from your phone’s display. Paper towels can also scratch your screen surface leaving behind troublesome marks over time. We recommend using a sanitising wipe that is formulated for use on screens and that will also kill bacteria, because we all know that our phones can contain up to 10 x more germs than a toilet seat!  If these are lint free, all the better, none of those pesky lint particles left behind so your screen is left shiny and streak free.

How do I clean annoying dust from my TV?

We have all sat down to relax with the TV during the summer and noticed a layer of dust on the screen. Is there anything more annoying? Our favourite way to clean this type of screen comes in the form of Screen Clene spray. The anti-static properties help to prevent future build up = less cleaning! Simply spray onto a lint free cloth ensuring there is no leftover debris that could damage the screen and buff the surface to clean dust away.

What is the safest way to clean my in-car touch screens?

This is a very popular question. Whilst you are on the move you need a cleaning solution that is easily accessible. You can regularly clean dust and fingerprint smears from your touch screens with a reusable microfibre cloth for basic cleaning. Alternatively, Smart Wipes are the handy pack of wallet sized wipes which benefit from being reusable with so many uses you can clean any screen and even lenses wherever you go.

Can I use alcohol on a laptop screen?

Again, whilst rubbing alcohol has many uses, we don’t recommend using on a laptop screen. The main thing to remove from a laptop screen is that layer of dust that appears over time quite easily. We recommend using a screen cleaning wipe to capture the dust and buff any leftover residue with a lint free cloth leaving a refreshed finish.  Did you know? Studies have found that a dirty laptop screen can cause potential eyestrain so it’s important to keep up a screen cleaning routine.

Have a question about cleaning your screens? Get in touch and our experts will help to find you the right solution for your much-loved gadgets.

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