How To Properly Clean Your Gaming Rig Setup

When I met my boyfriend, I had to learn how to date a gamer: between getting familiar with gaming jargon and features I didn’t even know computers could have, I also faced another challenge when we moved together. The first time we cleaned the house, as soon as I got near to the gaming setup I heard “Honey, be careful with my computer”. So, I have also learnt how to properly clean that whole space.

Here’s the first rule: it’s not only about the PC, it’s everything in that space and I can assure you that every detail has been thought through, therefore it has to be very well looked after.
These are the tips to keep the whole place cleaned and free of contamination, ensuring the safety of all electronic’s equipment:

Gaming rig setup

Avoid allergy reactions and other illnesses caused by dust, dirt, and bacteria by cleaning the desk. Clean the desk top surface with an Anti-bac+ surface wipes and then tackle hard to reach areas with a sprayduster (including corners) and drawers.

Do you have any idea how many crumbs are living inside those keys? All these crumbs and other types of dirt gathered on keyboards are a danger for the good performance of the keyboard, consequently the player’s performance. Clean the keyboard with a spray duster and finish with the anti-static cleaning wipes for PC surfaces.

Mouse and Pad:
The mouse is in contact with a wide surface range, plus the hands. (which most of the time are not cleaned). Clean the mouse with the anti-static cleaning wipes for PC surfaces, don’t forget to clean the bottom and the wire. The mouse pad can be cleaned with the AF Powerful foam surface cleaner using a cloth to lift dirt and residue.

The window to the big game world must be very well cleaned choosing the right products to avoid scratches or other damage. Clean the screen safely with the AF screen cleaning wipes to ensure a smear-free finish.

Give the best to the core of the playing: get rid of dust using a sprayduster, but always ensure equipment is powered down before use. Clean all the hard to reach areas and exterior vents with a Cotton bud cleaning stick. It is never too much to wipe the outer surfaces with the PC-Clene.

Food and dust are great enemies of controllers so eliminate them easily, before and after use, with Anti-bac+ Sanitising Surface Cleaning Wipes.

Headphones & Headsets
Sweat can build up on headsets and headphones and cause a stink; therefore it is important to stay refreshed and maintained with a handy antibacterial wipe. Don’t forget to clean mouthpieces carefully and always check manufacturers guide before use.

Last but not least, the Throne of Gamers. After cleaning the chair according to the manufacturer’s instructions, use the magic tack duster on the metal or plastic surfaces to remove any dust. You will witness the duster grab the dust in a flash, just like magic!

Personally, I like to keep a tub of Anti-bac+ wipes and hand sanitiser near the gaming area. When we have games night I quickly anti-bac to leave everything clean, both before and after a night of popcorn, snacks and video games.

Note: Before using AF products on your electronics, please read the instructions before use.

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