Screen-Clene Duo wipes – Screen Cleaning Wet & Dry wipes – x20 SCR020

Key points:
  • Anti-static screen cleaning wipes – Box of 20 duo wipes
  • 20 wet wipes and 20 dry wipes made from fully recyclable paper
  • Best used on smaller screens such as phone screens, tablets or uncoated glasses
  • Anti-static properties to help prevent dust sticking
  • Handy travel size sachets for sparkling screens on the go!
  • Alcohol -free cleaning solution removes dirt and grime

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Product Information

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Product Description

AF Screen-Clene Duo is a box of anti-static wet and dry screen cleaning wipes for cleaning dust and smears from a variety of screens and lenses. A box of 20 duo screen cleaning wipes containing 20 wet wipes and 20 dry wipes to effectively removing dust, grease and grime build up from screen surfaces.
Wipe 1 (Wet) lifts dirt and smears and Wipe 2 (dry) buffs to leave a sparkling finish.
Each wipe is made from fully recyclable paper to encourage an eco-conscious cleaning regime.
Ideal for the home, offices, and much more.

Glasses lenses – this product is unsuitable for coated lenses. Always check with the manufacturer for guidance before use.

AF International always recommends that you check the manufacturer’s guide before using any screen cleaner. This specialist solution has been developed for safe use on most screens, we would always recommend checking the manufacturers guide before use.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • E-readers
  • LED, TFT & PC screens
  • TV’s
  • Mirrors
  • In-car touch screens
  • Glasses (uncoated)

Pack size – 20 wet/dry wipes
Box quantity – 10

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