Magic Tack Duster Cloths – x25 MTD025P

Key points:
  • 25 Tack Cloths for cleaning dust from surfaces including after sanding, painting and DIY. Plus many household tasks
  • Tack texture captures dust and debris quickly, making cleaning easier. Ideal for extra dusty areas!
  • Each superior, snag resistant strength cloth measures 40 x 45cm
  • Each cloth is lightly impregnated with a unique resin system to hold onto dust and debris, without dispersing into the atmosphere like regular dusting

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Product Information

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Product Description

AF Magic Tack Dusters will revolutionise the way you clean. A pack of 25 ultra soft, non-woven tack duster cloths with superior strength and absorbency to clean dust and contaminants from a variety of surfaces. These magic cloths not only clean dust effectively but prevent the dust from being re-distributed.

Directions: Wipe the chosen surface lightly with the AF Magic Tack Duster and watch the dust disappear. The cloth will capture the debris using the clever static properties. Repeat the process with unused areas of the magic duster. Fold the cloth as many times as possible to maximise the usage area.

Ideal for cleaning dust from hard to reach areas including venetian blinds, in car areas, door frames, furniture, plastic casings and much more.

These clever non-woven tack dusters are a handy pack of 25 with unique static properties to cleverly capture dust and contaminants form a wide variety of surfaces. These ultra soft cloths offer superior strength and absorbency with added snag resistance. One of the huge benefits of the magic tack duster is that other cleaning sprays or gels are not required with the cloth. Each cloth is lightly impregnated with a unique resin system to hold onto dust and debris, without re-distributing into the atmosphere like regular dusting.

Best practice: Use light pressure to wipe dusty surfaces, debris will be captured on the cloth. Repeat the process on other surfaces with different areas of the cloth.

AF Tip! Why not attach to a flat floor mop to reach dusty areas underneath furniture such as sofas and bookshelves

  • Venetian and wooden blinds/shutters
  • Door frames, skirting boards, dust traps such as under the sofa
  • In car areas
  • Household surfaces
  • Plastic casings
  • Shelving
  • Pack size – 25 cloths

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